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All past trades taken are posted here.

Members receive current trades and entries.

Trade History

I am not a financial advisor, nor promote any kind of advice on what to trade. This website is promoted to publicly display my own trade ideas. If people wish to follow my ideas, it is purely up to your own discretion and apply appropriate risk management. I bear no responsibility for your own trading activities.  I believe in charging a subscription for ideas, as history has shown that my own trading is profitable and when there is a charge, people place value on the product. 

2024 Completed Trades

                                                          Entry        Stop Loss      Target         Result

29th Feb          EURUSD          1.0840           1.0860           1.0800        Target hit      +40 pips

21st Feb           AUDUSD         0.6540          0.6520          0.6590        Target hit      +50 pips

7th Feb            AUDUSD         0.6537           0.6550          0.6484        Target hit      +53 pips

7th Feb            GBPUSD          1.2610             1.2630            1.2533         SL hit             -20 pips

2nd Feb           AUDCAD         0.8830          0.8862           0.8750        Target hit      +80 pips

29th Jan          AUDUSD         0.6600         0.6630           0.6544       Target hit      +66 pips

22nd Jan         EURUSD          1.0900           1.0918            1.0850       Target hit      +50 pips

18th Jan          EURUSD          1.0900           1.0920           1.0850        Target hit      +50 pips

AUDUSD 21st Feb'24

Entry 0.6540

SL 0.6520

TP1 0.6590

TP1 hit.


AUDUSD 7th Feb'24

Entry 0.6537

SL 0.6550

TP1 0.6484  TP2 0.6552  TP3 0.6425

TP1 hit, TP2&3 out at b/e.

GBPUSD 7th Feb'24

Entry 1.2610

SL 1.2630

TP1 1.2533

SL hit.


AUDCAD 2nd Feb'24

Entry 0.8830

SL 0.8862

TP1 0.8790  TP2 0.8750

TP1&2 hit.

AUDUSD 29th Jan'24

Entry 0.6600

SL 0.6630

TP1 0.6544

TP1 hit.


EURUSD 22nd Jan'24

Entry 1.0900

SL 1.0918

TP1  1.0850

TP1 hit.

EURUSD 18th Jan'24

Entry 1.0900

SL 1.0918

TP1  1.0850

TP1 hit.

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